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20+ Years in practice

Hi there!

My name is Alka Chopra. Just like you I am a Registered Dietitian. I am also a Certified Diabetes Educator. AND, I love technology. I am a creative addict. I love combining creativity, technology & education. AND I love business.

My Story!

I got hit by the technology bug in 2001, when I participated in a training program for teachers on Microsoft Office & Internet funded by Intel India. It was called “Intel Teach To the Future Education For Teachers”. After the training there was a national competition where you were required to create a power point presentation and connect technology with education in the classroom. 8 winners were going to be chosen nationwide (all across India) from the thousands of entries recieved. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT I was one of the 8. What a great achievement that was! (See pictures below). This award led me to an opportunity to write 2 instructional guides geared towards teachers on using Microsoft Office and Internet in the classroom.  That is when I really started my entrepreneurial journey. I started getting  more offers to write articles, resource manuals and books on nutrition for children, tie & dye and so on.

Fast track to 2002, when I moved to Canada…… Since I had lots of time ( I was upgrading to get my RD licence at that time) I went on to painting & crafting (a hobby for me) and selling my products at craft shows. Had great success with that. After getting my RD licence in 2006, I immediately set up my private practice. The entrepreneurial bug hit me here big time. I built my website, promoted my services. Had great success! Now, since 2017 I have been learning how to move my practice online and have experimented with several tools that are either FREE or are at a very modest cost. I really do not have a big budget at this time to spend on all fancy tools. And I am sure most of you reading this also have small budgets to work with. In September 2017, I hosted an online summit on “Curb Your Cravings”. The summit was a success & practitioners whom I interviewed found it to be an extremely enriching event. I hold keen interest in training dietitians & other healthcare professionals to enhance their skills whether it be business or counseling or their practice. I AM HERE FOR YOU, WITH YOU TO SUPPORT  YOU SET UP,  ELEVATE & EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE.
Alka Chopra


A bit more about me

My experience has been in varied fields:

  • As a research dietitian, a professor, a clinical dietitian
  • As a Chronic Disease Program Manager
  • As a panel member at the Diabetes Canada Symposium
  • Have facilitated seevral corporate presentations at Honda Canada, National Bank, BDC Canada etc
  • Have been a panel dietitian for Sheppell Canada
  • As a trainer for several Self Management Programs to healthcare practitioners.

The Non – Dieitian Stuff I thrive on ~~~~~

I am crazy about anything that ignites my creativity. Whether it be crafting, painting, making my own soap, bath & beauty products, making jewellery or even working on my website. The effect of immersing myself in anything creative is magical. I have found that I am way more productive & at peace with myself when I continually engage in creative activities.

I often teach arts & crafts at retirement homes and community centres. It gives a lot of satisfaction, contentment and makes me a better human being. If you would like you may view some of the work in the GALLERY.

A Glimpse of my You Tube Channel

how to be content with yourself

My Formula


Meditate everyday for atleast 30 minutes

Start slow: only 5 minutes & work your way up whatever time you like.

Find a hobby & work on it once/week

Take some classes & be sure to spend some time with just you & your hobby.

Binge watch your favorite TV Show/s

Your brain also needs a break. So fully enjoy favorite show fully, and no guilt.

Eat vegetarian atleast 2 times/week

A healthier lifestyle. Makes you feel lighter & leads to fewer health concerns.
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