Be THE better Diabetes Educator Program

“Getting to the core of resistance

and motivation for sustainable

Behaviour Change” to manage



A skill based exclusive program focusing on increasing your  “skill inventory” so you can increase your confidence in teaching & counseling your clients to better manage their diabetes.

Hosted and presented by Certified Diabetes Educators.

The Hosts

Alka Chopra RD, CDE

Alka is a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator with a wealth of experience in adult learning & chronic disease management. She has trained as Train the Trainer Motivational Interviewing; is a Certified Choices & Changes & Brief Action Planning trainer.

Roshanak Parastesh RN, CDE

Roshanak has special interest in diabetes education and insulin teaching. She works very closely with clients who are having difficulties in managing their blood sugars and has gained confidence over the years to initiate insulin while overcoming the barriers that come with insulin initiation.

A variety of topics 

Carefully selected topics that focus on enhancing your skills in managing your clients living with diabetes

Managing your clients living with diabetes is all about “CHANGE” and change can be hard. Hence all topics included in this event will support you in supporting & moving your client/s forward in the “CHANGE” continuum. 

Motivational Interviewing

The possibility of greater success with your clients is higher when they take their own responsibility. So, how do you get your clients to take charge? That is exactly what Motivational Interviewing is all about. 

Applying Motivational Interviewing (MI) to initiate insulin

Intiating insulin with your clients can be a challenge in itself and several clients resist the idea of starting insulin. So, how do cross this bridge?

Well, the answer is applying Motivational Interviewing skills! So, lets get you started! This is an extension of the MI skills webinar.

Insulin Education/ initiation

There are so many types of insulin and each one of them works differently. Close monitoring is also required when your clients are on insulin. Learn the intricacies involved in motivating & managing your clients who are on insulin.

Overcoming barriers to integrate Glycemic Index in your practice

As much as Glycemic Index is controversial it has its advantages. If applied correctly the concept can be an easy way to teach the concept of “moderation” and healthy food choices to your clients. Learn the right strategies to integrate the GI concept into your practice.

Become a TRUSTED practitioner

Being an expert puts you in an “unreachable” place for your clients. So, be a trusted practitioner instead. Learn the skills on how to eastblish a trusted relationship with your clients so they trust you. TRUST is a big word and responsibility!

Learn by Doing

We all learn best when we actually do things.

Some of the presentations will be facilitated workshop style, which means you have the opportunity to actually practice the skills being taught in the workshop. Participants will be divided up into breakout rooms and you will be able to see & talk to each other and actually practice just as you would do in an in-person workshop. Isn’t that cool! We love technology 🙂

Build your learning portfolio

Being a healthcare professional means constantly updating your knowledge & skills to provided quality evidence based care to our clients

The Diabetes Education Day has its foundation in bringing evidence based trainings & presentations that you can add to your learning portfolio. Certificates of attendance will be provided.    

Achieve your goals to help support your clients achieve theirs

We all have learning goals to keep us current with new information and continually improve our skills…

That is exactly what this event is all about!. The entire focus is on enhancing your current skills or developing new ones skills that will move you forward so you can move your clients forward in their health goals. 

Become an achiever

Being in a healthcare field, and to be specific in the diabetes field that is all about self-management also means that we focus a lot on our clients making lifestyle changes that are not always well recieved. In short we are always hustling with our clients. Right? So, what does that mean for you? Well, we think it really means that you be your own achiever so you can help & support your clients be thier own achievers.

What you Get by Enrolling

Value packed package to meet your learning needs

3 Interactive Live Webinars + 1 pre-recorded webinar

During all webinars will be live & pre-recorded you can ask your questions from the presenters and even engage with the other participants.

Workshop style interactive webinars

The motivational interviewing webinar will be workshop style with breakout rooms to practice your skills.

Equivalent CEU Credits

Certificates of attendance will be provided for each training/webinar so you can include them into your continuing education portfolio.

6 month unlimited access

You will have unlimited access to the recordings of the webinars for 6 months after the event. This will allow you to really make note of any information that you may have missed during the live event. You will also have the ability to ask questions in the private discussion community allowing the presenters & other participants to answer them.

Private Discussion Community

Your private login will give you the ability to share & discuss your challenges in your practice, ask questions and engage with other partcipants and the presenters for 6 months.

Zero travel education day

Attend the event in the comfort of your home. If you are unable to make it to the live event, no worries. Log in to your personal account and listen to the presentations at your own convenience.

Choose a Plan that Works for You


All your questions answered!

This is a 100% online event and you will be required to create an account where all the webinars will be recorded and uploaded. You can then view the webinars at a later date to refresh and also note anything that you may have missed.

If you still have any questions/concerns please email us:


For how long do I have access to the webinars?

You have unlimited access to the webinars for 6 months. Take notes, view them over & over again, ask questions. Make the most.


The timings of the webinars do not work for me!

No worries. All webinars will be recorded and you will find them in your account. You can view them at your convenience. You can post questions as well and we will have them answered.


Do I need any special set up/equipment to view the webinars?

Nope. Nothing at all. The webinars hosting platform may ask you to download some software and thats it. There is no cost to you for the software download and will also not mess up with your computer.


Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Refunds will be issued only until 1 week before the day of the event i.e May 17th, 2019. Any refund requests after May 17th, 2019 will not be honored.


Can I share my log in with a friend/colleague?

We are working very hard to bring forward a quality education event. And it is nice when participants acknowledge the work that goes int putting together such an event. So, it is preferred that each participant has a separate login.


Why should I attend the event online when there are so many live events?

Great question! Agreed that there are lots of live events. However, with an online event you do not need to rush to the subway, wake up at 6 am and get to the site on time so you so do not miss the sessions. With this type of event you can even attend in your pyjamas and even get back to it if you wish for the next 6 months.


Will I be able to ask the questions?

In a live event, you can ask questions only during the event! In this online event, you can ask questions even after the event in your private login account for 6 months.

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