My personal selection of tools to set you up for success

Welcome to the Resources section! In this section I have curated a list of the tools and websites that I have used myself and strongly recommend to build and optimize your business.

All recommendations on this page have been used and tested by me.

I have found that some of these resources listed here have been crucial to running my business. Depending upon the setting of your business that can vary. Before you begin to dig into these resources please know that I believe in total transparency. Hence I have an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links. That means if you choose to make a purchase, I  will earn a  small commission for promoting the product. This commission is at no additional cost to you. I  will remind you here that I  recommend these products not because I earn a small commision. I  recommend them since I believe in the product and are either using the product in my business currently or have used it in the past. Money is precious. None of us have money floating around us, hence I am very cautious where I spend my $$$. I would also urge you to spend your hard earned $$$  carefully, since there is a wide variety of tools available out there. Please make your purchase only after putting in some thought about what you want to achieve & what  are your goals. 

My best wishes to all. Take care!

Build & Design Your Website/s

All my websites are fully hosted on dreamhost. These guys really know their stuff, have excellent customer service. If there is something you are struggling with they will walk you through it step by step. You can host unlimited websites wihin your account including sub-domains.

What would I do without Elegant Themes. All my websites are designed using elegant themes. The flexibility and ease of use cannot be beaten.  If I were to mention the design capability, sky is the limit. You can make an extremely simple website to a complex one. 

Images, backgounds, templates, design

Stencil: to create social media ready images. Includes thousands of images, icons, templates. My favorite part: resizing once you have created an image. You can create a social media ready within minutes & also resize it. Saves so much of my time!

Similar to Stencil, Canva can be used to create social media ready images. Includes thousands of images, icons, templates. I work with the FREE plan, but the paid plan includes the resizing option. A plus for Canva is that there are options for creating your e-book, slide templates. However for mos the FREE version works well for me. 

Content Promotion on Social Media

For scheduling & reposting your content. Creates a library of your posts and recycles them, so your content well is never empty. You can easily save upto 10 hrs/week so you can focus on the right things. For Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter

Later: To schedule & repost on Instagram. The best part is that you can create your post on the desktop and schedule. At the scheduled time you will recieve a notification on your phone to post. The caption is automatically saved in your browser and all you need to do is paste and post.  You can also save your most used hash tags, so you are not thinking about them each time. Such a huge time saver

Mailerlite: For email marketing. It is FREE until 1000 subscribers for all the features including automation. Extremely easy to use. Also includes templates & options to customize your newsletters. 


One of the best investments in my business. I used to spend so much time talking to clients in setting up an appointment & going back & forth. Acuityhas been sucha time saver. You can set up your availability, block when you are not available. It even sends reminders 2 days before the appointment, so the no show rate goes down. If people wish to cancel  they have an option to do so. 


– Blue Yeti microphone

– Sony Lapel Microphone

– Logitech 920 webcam

– DSLR Camera

– Your smart phone

– Tripods – varying heights

– Lighting

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