My favorite tools & suppliers

This page has a listing of my favorite suppliers (for soap making) and the tools I use to make my creations!

The products linking to amazon are affiliate links i.e if you order them I get paid a commission for recommending the product.

Soap Making Supplies

Materials, Tools & Books (Amazon Links)


Mica powder –

Soap Making Kit – Powdered Pigments

Silicone 12-cavity mold

Silicone Seashell Fondant Cake Molds

99% isopropyl alcohol

3-Pack Purple, Sky Blue, Teal Green Glycerin Soap Colors

6 Cavity Round Silicone Mold

Assorted heat safe containers

funnel pitchers

Glass Stirring rods

       craft brushes

crinkle cutter

Spray Bottles

       shrink bags

         heat gun

       heat Sealer

       hand blender

         hand mixer

       heat Sealer

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