Tiny Habits Mighty Transformations

Make “Selfcare” a culture !

Make “Selfcare” a habit !

Make it your lifestyle &


Achieve a positive “self to self relationship”

Create a life you love & cherish

Have you ever thought about “How some people’s lives are always organzied and they are able to stay calm & relaxed most of the time?

How are they always in a good mood?

How are they so productive even when they have an extremely busy lifestyle!

How does it seem that they are untouched by stress?

How does their life seem in order at all times?

How do they stay focused? 

You would really love to lead a relaxed, calm & productive life. Are they luckier than you? Do they have something special that you don’t? Nope that’s not the case! 


You know you need to make a change in the way you are living your life, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options.

You don’t know where to start! 

Can you imagine how would it feel to lead a life you had once envisioned, be more productive, do the things you love & enjoy more often & have a positive

“self to self relationship”

You can do it. Now imagine your life where…you are have

Mastered healthy habits

Healthy habits come in all shapes & sizes. They could be around sleep, around making healthy choices or even learning something new. The impact of mastering healthy habits goes a long way in leading a fulfilling & enjoyable life. 

Prevent/Delay Chronic Disease

There is a lot of research that states “chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure,  heart disease, etc can be prevented or even delayed if we take care of ourself. If you are able to make mindful & healthy lifestyle changes by way of SELFCARE WITH ME-TIME, you have won half the battle.

Rediscover yourself

We all have undiscovered talents. When practicing me time routines several skills that get buried under our daily lives emerge. It is a sort of rediscovering yourself. When you develop these talents it is a perfect formula for your me time routine. You’ll be able to embrace your undiscovered creative side, develop a new skill, have fun, enjoy a stress-free activity, and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Feel energized, less tired & recharged

If you are feeling drained out, overwhelmed & are literally dragging yourself to get things done that is a signal that you need to slow down. Get me time to your rescue – reading a book in your comfy chair, getting a massage, binge watching your favorite show or whatever. you enjoy.

Indulging yourself in me time energizes you & recharges your life.


This is how I got into the habit of practicing “Selfcare”…. so can you….

I started practicing “Selfcare” after my younger daughter was born. Between taking care of the kids, household responsibilities & professional responsibilities it was like a robotic life. I was getting frustrated ! This was affecting my relationship with myself.

I had to do something to keep my creative energies in the right place so I could take care of my family & my young children. Now, as a child I was always involved in creating stuff – it could be flower arrangement, a painting with scraps around the house or even trying a new recipe. Summer vacation meant that I had to do something creative with my time.

So, what do think I did? You got it! I got searching for some arts & craft classes near my home and just got started. And that venture is still ongoing. That was my approach to “SELFCARE”. It was just about 30 – 45 minutes atleast once/week and I would schedule it. Once in my schedule it had to be done. I enjoyed crafting and painting so that is what I did. It could be going for a class or even working on a project.

Now that you are viewing this page, I would think you are looking to bring about some change in your lifestyle. I urge you to take action, schedule your “selfcare time” and make sure you abide by the schedule. 

Give yourself the priority!

Create a positive “self to self relationship”

Here’s why you must invest in “Tiny Habits Mighty Transformations”

We are all busy people and always have something to do either for the family, kids or even ourselves. Have you ever thought of slowing down a bit and giving you yourself a bit of time? A time that is just for YOU & YOU only.

And that time does not have to be hours or days. It could be as little as 15 -30 minutes. You may ask – just 15-30 minutes! Yes that’s correct.

When you invest in “Selfcare with me time” you honour yourself as an individual. You develop a great “self to self relationship”. And that goes a long way in becoming your BEST self for yourself & your loved ones.   

Personally I have benefited a lot from my own “Selfcare Habit” lifestyle. I often prescribe it for my patients as well. They have also benefited from this practice.

The secret to leading a calm & productive life is by creating a culture of “Selfcare Habits”

When you join “Tiny Habits Mighty Transformations”

we will work together on :


Week 1-4

Meeting your hydration needs

  • The importance of hydration with water 
  • How to drink more water
  • How to replacing other drinks with water
  • Importance of drinking water when you wake up
  • How to tell when you need water

The Benefits of Unplugging

  • The ill effects of constantly being connected with technology & social media.
  • The benefits of unpluggling
  • How to actually unplug

The Effects of Processed Sugar

  • The damaging effects of processed sugar on your body
  • Practical ways on how to limit your intake of processed sugar

Pampering yourself. You deserve it!

  • Simple strategies to pamper yourself with materials available in the home.
  • Simple recipes for the entire week to pamper yourself

Week 5-8

Tasting the Rainbow

  • How to easily incorporate fruits & veggies into your daily meals
  • How to add taste & flavor to veggies
  • 5 of my favorite veggie recipes

The Power of Thought

  • Understand how your thoughts guide your actions.
  • Difference between affirmations & mantras.
  • Integrate affirmations & mantras to lead a happier & fulfilled life.

Limiting Processed Foods

  • Define what are processed foods & heavily processed foods 
  • Practical ways of decreasing processed foods & making healthful choices for a better you.

Meditation with creativity

  • Learn how you can create “me time” with being creative.
  • Define creativity
  • A step by step tutorial for a simple creative project.

Week 9-12

The Importance of Nature

  • How spending time with nature helps you connect with yourself.
  • The advantages that spending time in nature.
  • Simple & practical strategies of how to spend time with nature.

Meal Planning

  • What meal planning is  & what it is not.
  • Why must you plan your meals.
  • My own secrets to having daily meals on the table for my family.

using spices

  • Understand the difference between herbs & spices
  • Understand how to use them the correct way.
  • Learn how to increase the flavor & taste of your meals by decreasing the fat.

getting adequate sleep

  • Understand the critical role that sleep plays in our health.
  • Understand how napping can help you get a good nights sleep.
  • Simple strategies to sleep better 

The Creation Team

Alka Chopra

Hi there, I am Alka Chopra, I am a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator. I am extremely passionate about teaching people how to make “Selfcare Habits” a culture in their lives. I have made selfcare as my culture &  experienced my own transformation.

I literally prescribe “Selfcare” to all my clients and that has lead to them leading happier lives & being their very best.

You can practice “Selfcare” with pretty much anything that makes you smile. I tend to focus on nutrition, arts & crafts.

I recommend “practicing a selfcare routine atleast once a Week for a positive “self to self relationship” . 

Now you may wonder and question me!

“Selfcare” each week?????? WHAT? THAT’S TOO MUCH. I don’t have that kind of time!

Well, the point is that you give yourself the attention you need. Make yourself a priority so you can give your family & loved ones the priority when they need it.

It is all about a mindset shift.

When you make this kind of mindset shift, life takes a turn for the better. 

Sofia Fiorino

Hi, I am Sofia Fiorino, I am a third year university student in the Applied Human Nutrition Program. From a young age I have been passionate about healthy cooking and eating and its importance in overall health and self-care.

As an aspiring dietitian my future life goal is to help others with their nutrition and promote healthy eating habits. With today’s busy lifestyle, “self-care with me time” can easily be ignored. I designed the “Self-care with Me-Time” with guidance from my preceptor Alka Chopra.

We designed “Selfcare with Me Time Week by Week” with the primary goal to encourage the understanding & importance of ” self care with me-time” in your everyday life.

Self-care with me time” promotes overall health and is a combination of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

“Self-care with me time” is paying attention to your own needs & the actions you must take to maintain your overall health. When you give yourself the due importance you deserve, the results are magical. 

Once you have the skills to practice “Selfcare with Me Time Week by Week” you will…  

Feel so much better about yourself and your life. You will be able to master healthy habits, be energetic, more productive and less tired. Having practiced “Selfcare with me-time” over several years has led me to one very big conclusion – your life is what you make it to be. Hence it is a good idea to invest in it “week by week”. When I talk about selfcare it does not mean spending $$$$ at the spa or take off to a resort. It means small things that we tend to ignore in our daily routines – as small as paying attention to our hydration needs. 

The whole idea is to get into a selfcare habit. Create a selfcare culture as part of your lifestyle. I have been there done that and have seen results. 

The “Selfcare with Me Time Week by Week” is collection of weekly mindful habits that we often tend to ignore. Habits take time to be part of your lifestyle. There is no magic formula. Once you make these habits a part of your lifestyle, a culture you will begin to notice a difference in your life “One week at a time”.  

Join now to begin creating that Selfcare culture, be well on your way to be your best and create a positive self to self relationship

Do you want to wait even longer to create that life you had always wished for or would you rather start now. 

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