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Focus on me: A Selfcare Challenge

June 24th to July 24th, 2022

A 30 – day Selfcare Awareness Challenge so you can better take care of yourself!

Selfcare is a fancy word and for most people it means spending lots of $$$. In reality that is not true. Selfcare is more about awareness of your needs and being mindful of what is actually going on in your life and to you. It is all about being intentional.

So join me in supporting you in this journey.

Join me in this 30-day selfcare challenge where you will receive:

– Weekly selfcare activities that will teach you how to take care of yourself and put your needs first without any guilt so you can take care of your loved ones.

– Weekly LIVE sessions where we share our successes and failures so we can keep moving forward in our selfcare journey

– Weekly LIVE sessions where I teach you how to create a selfcare lifestyle, a selfcare culture and selfcare plan that sticks.

selfcare challenge
Feel Good Summit

I Feel Good Summit

September 15 – 18th, 2022

“I Feel Good Summit” is all about “feeling good”. It’s all about being the best successful version of yourself. It features a collection of speakers who share their craft of living well and being content. Its all about doing & enjoying all the things you enjoy.

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