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You are what you eat! Making the right food choices is key to taking care of yourself and your body.

Arts & Crafts

When you involve yourself in any kind of creative activity the impact is magical and extremely calming!

Mindful Living

Living mindfully means being fully aware of all lifestyle choices that you make. Active selfcare = mindful living

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A bit about me

In today’s high paced world, do you sometimes wonder if you could slow down a bit!

If you could find some “ME” time!

If there could be a simpler & quicker way to get healthier meals on the dining table!

If there could be a magical way to reduce your stress!

If your life could be a bit more organized!

If you could be happier and more content with your life!

You know, I was also struggling with all this a few years ago.

I knew something had to change so I began looking for answers.


Now if you are also looking for some answers, we are a match!

I would love to share my strategies and lifestyle tips with you.

I’m Alka Chopra, a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator and I am extremely passionate about teaching people how to live a happier life by making nutrition, health & lifestyle changes “One Week at a Time”.

Now you may wonder and question me!

A new change each week?????? WHAT? THAT’S TOO MUCH.

Well, the point is that you choose what you wish to change about your life/lifestyle and work towards the change “One Week at a time”. When we make changes this way, the likelihood of you following through is much higher.

That’s why on my blog & YOU TUBE CHANNEL you will find videos that talk about simple changes that can be put into action right away. You will find video’s on nutrition, recipes, lifestyle changes & how to implement them, crafting, arts, making your own bath & body products and wellness strategies.

For the past 15 years or so I have been following this mantra myself. And trust me it works. Even if you are able to follow your chosen change 1-2 times a week, it makes such a big difference.

Its kind of “Less is more”

Since 1995

I started practicing selfcare on a regular basis after my daughter was born. Whenever I had some free time I would find something artsy or craftsy to do. I also took some classes in glass painting, pot painting etc. 

I chose arts & crafts since I grew up seeing my mom embroider, sew, knit. She was always busy doing something. Always using her ME time productively. Hence in my teen years I was drawn towards anything arts & crafts.

Summer vacation meant making something – either a painting, some cross stitch, some embroidery, glass painting or anything.

This practice made me so productive in my other responsibilities. And now it has become a habit. Rather an addiction cool. If I do not do anything creative over a week I feel something is missing big time, and do see an impact on my mood. 

AND I am encouraging you to do so. Start small. Start with anything you like. 

The Selfcare Concept: A much forgotten one!

From an aerial view what does an average person’s life look like?

It’s literally running around taking care of our family and friends. We look after our children until they are ready to take on life’s challenges on their own. We make sure that their needs are met with to the best of our means. And we make several sacrifices in this process. 

AND who gets neglected in this process? Well its YOU!

Some of you may also think that investing some time & money on yourself is selfish. I love this quote:

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”  
― Eleanor Brownn

When travelling via a plane the airline crew always advise us to put on your own mask first before helping anyone? WHY?

Well for obvious reasons! You need to take care of yourself first before you take care of others.

So, I am here to encourage you to be a bit selfish for yourself so you can take good care of your loved ones.  

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Mindful Living

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6 benefits for self-care 

Increased productivity

Saying “Yes” to anything & everything does not increase productivity! Infact it decreases it. It gets overwhelming! And when you learn to say “no” you are actually taking care of yourself by making time for the other things that matter more to you. In turn this also helps you to really focus on those things making you more productive.


Increased self-knowledge

Question for you: how well do you know yourself? 

When practicing self-care you are compelled to think about what you really enjoy doing. This exercise gets you to the feeling of being really passionate about what you chose to do further leading up to you understanding you even better. 


You have more to give

Self-compassion is the best compassion!You ask why? Thats becuase if you are compassionate to yourself, you will be more considerate to others. In short you will be in a better position to give more to others. And practicing self-care does exactly this. When you value yourself you learn to value others as well. 


Improved physical & emotional health

Did you know stress is the top most reason for poor physical & emotional health? Stress exhibits itself in the form of frequent cold, flu or falling sick & even physical symptoms like body pain or even back aches. When you manage stress with self-care activities, it improves your physical & emotional health big time. 

Increased resistance to disease

Scientific evidence suggests that most self-care activities activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).  This decrease your stress levels and in turn makes your immune system very strong & increases your resistance to any disease. 

Improved self-esteem

When you invest time in yourself with self-care, you are valuing yourself as a person. You are giving yourself the due importance you deserve. If you value yourself others will as well. And that increases your self-esteem making you more confident & productive. 

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Selfcare with nutrition

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Arts & Crafts

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Mindful Living

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Some Artsy & Craftsy Selfcare Strategies I enjoy…

These are some selfcare strategies I follow. You can too. They are simple, can be easily done at home, on your own time & with smaller budgets.

Selfcare with Simple Cooking

Selfcare with Simple Cooking

Selfcare with making your own home decor

Selfcare with making your own home decor

Selfcare with making handmade products

Selfcare with making handmade products

Selfcare with making handmade soap

Selfcare with making handmade soap

Selfcare with making your own jewelery

Selfcare with making your own jewelery

Selfcare with Painting & Crafting

Selfcare with Painting & Crafting

What Clients have said

I started working with Alka almost one year ago.  In addition to learning about nutrition and strategies to assist in making better food choices, I learned how making myself a priority was essential.  With Alka’s support, I was able to make time for myself, reduce stress, start exercising, and find more balance in my life.  In turn, I have become a better role model to my family and friends and I am better equipped to handle the challenges of work.  Alka was instrumental in meeting my health goals!  Along the way, she was always welcoming, supportive and accessible.  Thank you, Alka, for helping me feel like me again! 

For the last 8 months that I’ve been under Alka’s care, I’ve appreciated very much the fact that the program focuses on my real lifestyle. It has shown me all the things I’ve been doing right for so long and Alka has helped me tweak it all to help me lose weight and keep it off – but more importantly, get my blood sugar under control, and improve my cholesterol levels. Whenever things get crazy, it’s pretty easy to refocus myself back to the program Alka has given me to work with. She has personalized it for me. And she has been so encouraging. When I’ve felt as if I’m going off-track, she’s been there for me encouraging me to focus on the big picture and all the success I’ve had, not worry so much about every little bump along the way.”

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