About Alka

Alka is a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Therapeutic Art Educator.

Alka believes in the fact that our lives are in our hands. The choices we make define our lives.

These choices define our quality of life.

Alka also integrates the power of making therapeutic art in guiding YOU make better life choices so you can achieve your health and wellness goals.

My Story

As an individual I am a big believer of “creativity”. Now, something to understand and engrain in your brains is that “creativity” is not only about making pretty art. It is also about problem solving and thinking of different ways of walking out of difficut situations that come along in your life. It is about removing yourself from a specific situation and thinking fresh on how to solve the problem.

And that is what the dimensions of wellness are all about! They are about thinking differently about your health and wellness needs – because your health is more than just “NUTRITION”.




I started working a Registered Dietitian in Canada in 2006. Although I had 10 years of experience behind me as a dietitian in India! As I moved along in my practice I noticed that “nutrition” is just one part of the challenge that people had about their health and wellness. There were several external/internal factors that were impacting people’s food choices. Ever since then I also discuss other components of health such as cooking skills, finances, mental health and so on during my discussions. And, that has had a major impact on my clients achieving their health and wellness goals.   


Today, I work closely with individuals living with several chronic conditions achieve their health goals by integrating sustainable behaviourial habit .

I also teach them how to live a better quality of life by integrating the dimensions of wellness into their lives!

How I work

I work very closely with my clients. Understanding their food preferences, lifestyles, likes, dislikes, social life, family composition and so on. All these aspects are an important part of one’s life and have an impact on managing diabetes. Hence I focus a lot of the various components of health i.e physical, mental, social, spiritual and so on. On my You Tube Channel I talk about the various components of health. 


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