We consider students as VALUABLE assets to have as part of our practice

Our Student Volunteer Program

If you are a student in an undergraduate nutrition program or independent practicum student and considering a career as a dietitian, we would love to hear from you!

We provide volunteer opportunities for nutrition & dietetics students to participate & contribute to our growing practice, while gaining valuable learning experience.

Volunteers are accepted at the beginning of September, January and May. Each volunteer period is four months in length.

We are also looking for students who can offer 2 to 4 hours weekly, with a commitment for 1 year.

Only students who are tech savy, well organized and can work independently and remotely are accepted since all work is virtual.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Writing consumer friendly nutrition articles for the website and blog
  • Developing powerpoint presentations for the general public
  • Creating social media posts to promote blog, presentations & programs
  • Managing nutrition related social media networks
  • Conduct product reviews
  • Creating client centred education resources
  • Program development & facilitation (when required)

To apply, complete this form BELOW.

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For any questions you have about the volunteering program!

If you have questions about the volunteer program feel free to message me before you complete the volunteer application form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Why do you need a 4 month commitment?

Hiring in itself is work. It is very cumbersome for me to keep hiring frequently. Moreover I would like all students who work with me to have a fulfilling learning experience. Something substantial. An experience worthwhile that they can put on their resume and 4 months is a good time frame to gain that type of experience.

I am an completing my independent dietetic practicum. do take such students?

Yes, I will accept independent practicum students after completing an interview and to my satisfaction. You will need to have your own insurance. I do not provide insurance. 

what kind of work do you have the students complete?

I have my students work on defined projects. Example you could be working on a series of themed blogs or a series of resources. This way you have a solid plan of action and your thought processes are more focused. That is how I function and have my students also work like that. It is just more productive.

Will you sign my competencies/provide me with a reference?

I will be happy to sign your competencies/provide you with a reference. However, you need to complete your 4 months commitment successfully for me to sign your competencies.

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