What happens when I join?

Well, I would be ecstatic and do a little happy dance. I had mentioned during the webinar that I am very passionate about dietitians breaking away from their shell and coming about in the open with their expertise. Trust me you have so much expertise and the world needs to see it! 

As soon as you join (I will get a notification) 

  •  I will send you an invite to the private Facebook group. Yup, you can really dive in right away!  
  • I will also send you the schedule for the live workshops. All workshops will be recorded so you can refer back to them any time. You have lifetime access to it including the updates that make to make the program robust and value packed.
How much time will I need to dedicate each week?
It is entirely up to you. The workshop will be available to you for access at your convenience. As for the website you can easily get your website up within 7 days if you want. Even if you spend about 30 minutes a day you can make serious progress. It’s really up to you. Remember, you get lifetime access, so there’s no pressure 
What kind of support can I expect from Alka?

When I was planning this program, I was very aware that my students will need my support all along since it is a huge step towards their entrepreneurial dreams. I am there for you to the best of my ability every step of the way. 

I fully understand how easy it is to get stuck when you’re building your business. I have been there, done that so can fully relate with you! You can expect to see me responding to your questions and providing personal feedback where ever possible. And remember you have the support of your peers in the private Facebook group. I truly am there for you. I got your back and I want you to succeed!  

Where will the workshops be housed after the live event?
All workshops will be recorded and housed within Thinkific. You will have your personal login, so you can access the workshop at your own convenience  
What will I learn?

Module 1: Set up your website   

  • Learn how to choose your brand colours  
  • Find gorgeous + free photos you can use for your website   
  • Secure your own professional domain  
  • Create a coming soon page   
  • Create & style all your pages (home, about, services, blog, contact, legal, product pages & more),  
  • How to connect & build your email list (Mailerlite & MailChimp)  
  • How to submit your website to Google, how to optimize your website for shares – and more! 
  • Make your website SEO friendly.   

Module 2: Creating variety content  

  • Learn how to plan and create a variety of content that is relevant to your readers/subscribers. 
  • Learn screen recording, post on You Tube and your website.  

Module 3: Email marketing and automation 

  • Learn how to set up & automate your optin/freebie promotion. 
  • Learn how to set up a nurture sequences 
  • I will provide you with scripts that you can modify and make it your own.     

Module 4: How to set up your email course 

  • We will plan, write, set up and automate your email course that you can use as an optin on your website   

Module 5: Record and edit your videos 

  • Learn how to record videos with your cell phone 
  • Learn how to edit them in movie maker 
  • Learn how to edit in Camtasia   

Module 6: Plan and promote your webinars  

  • Plan your webinar 
  • Promote your webinar 
I'm not sure if now is a good time?

If there is a good time IT IS NOW. The fact that you’re reading this right now, this tells me that deep down you really wish to set up your entrepreneurial venture. So, let me help you reach your goal. There is never a perfect time. The time is NOW. There is always something that happens in life. I had been putting my online presence for the longest time. Had to take a plunge or it would never have happened.  

Going through this program will save you 100’s of hours researching on what to do next. The Healthpreneurs Program is really the quick route to getting online and establishing your expertise. Since you have lifetime access to the program – you can start now and complete it at your own pace, knowing it will always be there for you. The key is to get started ✔️ 

How long do I have access to the program?
Lifetime access including future updates 
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