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I like to call myself a “Selfcare Dietitian”. When I talk to my patients about their health condition, I will often ask about their selfcare routine. And 7 times out of 10 people look at me in a surprised manner. The usual answer is – I do not have the time or money to spend at a spa or go for a retreat!

The reality is “selfcare” is not a one and done activity. It needs to be a habit and needs to be done every single day. And, the activities that you pursue do not have to be huge. Less is more!

So start small, start tiny and you will be on your way to seeing your life change. That is my mantra!  Make it yours too!

My Story

2015 was very rough year for me. My job was getting stressful by the day. A job that I loved to go every single day for the last 8.5 years. A wonderful supportive team. Yet there was dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Suddenly I started making tons of mistakes in my work. Lost interest for the work I was enjoying so much for the past several years. Something had to change!. Finally in March 2016, I sent my resignation. It was a sigh of relief! Yet some kind of emptiness thatI did not understand how to handle. Going to work for the next few days were extremely emotional and the last day of work even more. After about a week I started adjusting to my new life – taking it easy and one day at a time. During all this time I was feeling very happy and calm. It was a time to reflect on what I want to do for this next chapter of my life. 


January 18, 8am. I was heading out to my clinic and slipped on the patio – had ankle fracture – with 3 breaks – putting me out of commission for the next 6 months. Now the ironical part – while I was in emerg on a wheel chair I got the offer for a job that I was waiting for. Anyways I was lucky that I could negotiate a late start and accomodations at work until I was well enough to stand on my feet. During the time I was home bound it was time for some more reflection of the past few years and why I reached a point in my career where there was so much dissatisfaction in my career that it was interfering in my sleep, my peace, my self worth,  and even my eating habits. Today when I think of it I do feel I should have left my job sooner.

The point is that we need to take care of ourself at the right time so we do not get sucked into a situation that we begin to self doubt our capabilities. 


I live my life in an organic selfcare manner. I have created a selfcare lifestyle, a selfcare culture for myself i.e I take care of myself by paying attention to the small things that build on each other so I can live a life that I love. A life where I really enjoy the things that make me happy such as painting, crafting, beading, soaping, making jewellery, meditation, physical activity (yes I have grown to enjoy it). I make sure that I incorporate atleast one of these activities into schedule atleast once/week. If you would like to see the work I do you can click here. 

I want the same for you hence I have created a “Selfcare Resource Library” that includes pdf’s, trackers and videos (will be added soon). 


How I got where I am today!

There is a quote “It takes a village to bring up a child“. 

I want to say “It takes mindset change to design your life on your terms

The first step in me getting to where I am today was to value myself as an individual and not just as a wife, as a mother, a daughter and so on. The second major step was to carve out time during the day or week when I could be in my space. It was not easy at first – the guilt factor kept lurking in. But I had to let go of it, because I found that I was cranky & irritable when I did not get my hands dirty in clay and paint. However even 15 minutes of time that just belonged to me was enough to keep me going. And now it has become a lifestyle, a habit, a culture.  

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