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In today’s high paced world, do you sometimes wonder if you could slow down a bit!

If you could find some “ME” time!

If there could be a simpler & quicker way to get healthier meals on the dining table!

If there could be a magical way to reduce your stress!

If your life could be a bit more organized!

If you could be happier and more content with your life!

You know, I was also struggling with all this a few years ago.

I knew something had to change so I began looking for answers.




                    What would you like to read?

Now if you are also looking for some answers, we are a match!

I would love to share my strategies and lifestyle tips with you.

I’m Alka Chopra, a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator and I am extremely passionate about teaching people how to live a happier life by making nutrition, health & lifestyle changes “One Week at a Time”.

Now you may wonder and question me!

A new change each week?????? WHAT? THAT’S TOO MUCH.

Well, the point is that you choose what you wish to change about your life/lifestyle and work towards the change “One Week at a time”. When we make changes this way, the likelihood of you following through is much higher.



That’s why on my blog & YOU TUBE CHANNEL you will find articles & videos that talk about simple changes that can be put into action right away. You will find video’s on nutrition, recipes, lifestyle changes & how to implement them, crafting, arts, making your own bath & body products and wellness strategies.

For the past 15 years or so I have been following this mantra myself. And trust me it works. Even if you are able to follow your chosen change 1-2 times a week, it makes such a big difference.

Its kind of “Less is more”


When I am not at my full time work you can find me crafting, teaching crafting, making and selling soap, at craft shows or even making jewellery.

I live my husband and 2 children aged 26 & 21. So they are pretty much on their own!

I like to travel to relaxation type destinations. I love travelling by train, long distance, something like the ones that offer dinner on wheels. Rocky Mountaineer type.

Not too much of a city girl! I have a dream to go cruising.

At a craft fair with a booth for handmade soaps

Volunteering at a Diabetes Canada event


Making designer handmade soaps. So relaxing and so much fun!


Presenting on Superfoods at Honda Canada


I Feel Good Summit

I Feel Good Summit

May 12 - 15th, 2021


"I Feel Good Summit" is all about "feeling good". It's all about being the best successful version of yourself. It features a collection of speakers who share their craft of living well and being content. Its all about doing & enjoying all the things you enjoy. 


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