Change is a process and is not linear, meaning it is not a straight line. There will be times when you are good and all is well. There will be times when everything is moving backward. And that is what is change.

In this video I explain why is it so hard to change food behaviours and what you can do to change them permanently or stick to the changed food behaviour for most of the time.

So go ahead and watch the video and post your questions in the comment box below.

Are you thinking of any behaviour to change? Share with me here. We can keep you motivated so you can achieve what you are looking to change.

Join the Feel Good Movement

A virtual one of a kind event focusing on FEELING GOOD in all the aspects of wellness so you FEEL GOOD in the real sense!

4 workshops: 

• June 8th: Nutrition Basics @ 6:30pm EST

• June 15th: Mindful Eating @ 6:30pm EST

• June 22nd: Mud & Mirror Work @ 6:30pm EST

• June 29th: Painting on soap @ 6:30pm EST

Materials required for the workshops on June 22 & 29th will be emailed after sign up.

You are all set up!

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