The most common question that I get asked is “how do I choose foods that will make me feel full?”

Whether you are maintaining your weight or are on a journey to weight loss, the key to success is choosing your foods wisely. Choose foods that are lower in calories, yet fill you up nicely so you do not feel hungry within the hour. Did I confuse you? Let me introduce two new concepts to you here “Satiety and “Energy Density”.

In simple words, “Satiety” is the feeling of being full and “Energy Density” is the amount of calories per gram of food. Some foods make you feel fuller than others. As an example, a medium apple will fill you more than 7 dried Apple rings. And the surprising part is that both these foods are 100 calories ! Weird right?

Click below to find out why and download a pdf on 10 Dietitian recommended on how you can choose foods lower in calories and not feel hungry?

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