I found 34-Degrees Crisps in the cracker aisle at Costco. The name sounded rather interesting! I mean who names a product 34-degrees? Whatever the case, the name did attract my attention. The nutrition facts were even more attractive: 50 calories for every 9 crackers! Upon trying them, I could not stop at 9 crackers. My husband, who can be extremely picky, loved them.

So here I am with a review for this fantastic product.


Nutrition Facts for every 9 crackers

  • Calorie count for most crackers available in the market is between 60 – 120 calories for every 6 crackers. 34-degrees crisps are 50 calories for 9 crackers! That is a win-win
  • Fat content including saturated fats: 0% (rare to find)
  • Protein: 2g/9 crackers – pretty good for crackers
  • Sugars: 0 g Another win-win
  • Sodium: 170 mg – 210 mg depending upon the variety. Comparable with other varieties available in the market
  • Carbohydrate: 11g. Most crackers is around 12 g carbohydrate for 5-6 crackers


Clean ingredients: Unbleached Flour, natural cheese flavour, Rosemary/cracked pepper/sesame seeds depending upon the flavor.


Can be easily paired with any veggies, even fruit slices/whole fruit, avocado, cheese slices, hummus, brie, boursin or your favorite cheese,


Nutrition Facts for every 9 crackers

  • Fibre: 0 -1 g. This can be compensated by pairing with vegetables and a small salad.

Ability to stop eating

You may feel food challenged to stop eating at 9 crackers!  Addiction possible. 

How does it taste?

Fantafabulous! they taste great with or without a topping!

Am I recommending this product?

Absolutely. Make these crackers as a staple in your pantry.

The only suggestion I will add is to pair these fantastic crisps with a protein and veggie or a protein and fruit, 5 olives and some cheese.

This will help keep your blood sugar in check. You can view my video that explains the blood sugar responses of various food groups (Click on the button below) 

You may also wish to download my FREE pdf that includes some suggestions for these crackers and even more suggestions. You can download by clicking on this link below:


Now tell me do you have any favorite snacks? We all can benefit from increasing our snack inventory in our pantries!

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